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------ Remove it thoroughly on your PC

SkypeLogView 1.15 is a (category) application that claims to offer special and useful features and services for the computer user, and extend the effective use of computer. However, the SkypeLogView 1.15 removal is a troubleshoot issue for some people, and it is not so easy to uninstall SkypeLogView 1.15 as other installed programs on the computer in some cases. What's the problem with it? How can remove it completely and quickly on PC? You will get the right answer and resolution from this post we shared with you.


Common issues of uninstalling SkypeLogView 1.15:

According to the problems people often encounter during the program removal, there are available resolutions below to help you get rid of this application thoroughly and quickly on the PC.

Resolutions to help you delete SkypeLogView 1.15 effectively

Remove SkypeLogView 1.15 with Windows’ program removing feature

When talk about removing an installed program on the computer, I think most of people are very familiar with Windows attached removing utility, which is a Windows feature that has been widely used by many computer users for many years. If you want to remove a program to free up the limited system space and speed up the computer running speed, you can use the "Program and features" on Windows system to uninstall it.

To get more details about how to uninstall SkypeLogView 1.15 in this way, please refer to the following steps (because of different Windows operating system, there would be a little different in the specific removing steps for different Windows system):

For Windows 7 users

For Windows 8 users


Any problem with this removal method? (Leftovers removal)

Although this is a well-known removing method that nearly all of computer users know how to conduct like uninstall SkypeLogView 1.15, most of them often encounter one common issue after the removal ---- how to clean those files and components being left during the previous removal, this is a problem that always exists on the traditional removal. So, if you decide to uninstall SkypeLogView 1.15 in this way, you should prepare to conduct a additionally manual removal for those leftovers, otherwise, you will also not able to install the newer version of the same program on your computer.

There are many DLL file and registry entries associated with SkypeLogView 1.15 usually cannot be cleaned completely with the traditional Windows removal, especially the associated registry entries, in order to uninstall SkypeLogView 1.15 completely, you should go to delete them manually in this way. Since the removed registries cannot be recovered, in order to avoid the possible manual error, it is better to do a back-up for your registry database for precaution:

Steps to back up registries:

After that, you will be able to delete the SkypeLogView 1.15's associated registry files in Registry Editor to uninstall SkypeLogView 1.15 thoroughly. If a manual error occur, you can choose to recover the registry with the back-up you saved.

If you want to simplify the removing steps and want a more effective and easier way to uninstall SkypeLogView 1.15, please try to remove it with Total Uninstaller.

Uninstall SkypeLogView 1.15 by Total Uninstaller

If you want to skip the troublesome manual removing steps and get rid of the program with ease, you can try to use an advanced uninstall tool to complete the removal automatically, and Special Uninstall enable you to uninstall SkypeLogView 1.15 and other programs quickly and thoroughly.

How to use Total Uninstaller to remove SkypeLogView 1.15

How about being not able to find the program on the list?

When the SkypeLogView 1.15 program is not installed completely on the computer, you will not be able to find it on the available removing list, in this case, you can make use of the "Not listed above?" feature in Total Uninstaller to remove its associated installed folders on the computer automatically.

How to guides to remove toolbar on browser

If there are some browser add-ones are bundled with the program and installed on the computer, but unfortunately, they are not included in the removing content when uninstall SkypeLogView 1.15, this this case, you can use the "Plug-in Cleaner" in Total Uninstaller to clean it on your browsers; or choose to disable and remove them on the browser manually.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Video tutorials about how to back up registry:

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