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1Program does not list on the available removing menu (Windows Uninstaller or Total Uninstaller)

When a program is not installed on the computer completely or the program itself is corrupted, you will not be able to find it on the list of available removing programs. If you unfortunately get this problem on your computer, please try to open Total Uninstaller, then select "Not listed above?" feature at the bottom, and you can choose to remove the unwanted program via cleaning its installation folder.

2Difficult toolbar removal

Have no idea to remove a stubborn toolbar on your web browser? Sometimes you think that it has been removed on your PC, but still find it on the browser. In order to totally disable and remove the toolbar, please open Total Uninstaller, then choose "Plug-in Cleaner", click "Scan Now", then clean the toolbar on the list.

3How to clean leftovers after standard removal

A. If you complete the standard removal with Windows uninstaller When complete the removal in Windows removing panel, the leftovers only can be removed manually, and generally, you should check and clean associated files in these two places:

Installation folder. Check the folder you used to install the unwanted program, and make sure every thing has been removed, especially the stubborn and hidden files.

System Registry. Type "regedit" in the search bar, and open Registry Editor, this is a place that enable you to delete or modify your registry files, try to find and locate the registries related to the uninstalled program, and delete them.

B. If you complete the standard removal with Total Uninstaller

If you choose to uninstall the program with Total Uninstaller, please click on "Scan Leftovers" after the standard removal, then you will be able to clean all of detected leftovers automatically.

4License of Total Uninstaller

Please copy and paste the license of Total Uninstaller directly to activate the program, if you are encountering an error of activation, please contact [email protected], the support team will get back to you as soon as possible with a proper solution.

5What can you do if a program cannot be uninstalled successfully?

Corrupt program or improper uninstallation usually causes an unsuccessful removal. When this problem happens, please try to clean its installation folder and registry keys and every associated setting manually,

6What you should do in order to uninstall a program smoothly and effectively?

If the program you need to uninstall is a big and complicated one, which contains many files and data, it is suggested to uninstall it directly with Total Uninstaller, otherwise, you will easily result in some further problems and have to deal with the incomplete removal.

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